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Call for Participants: Spanning the Boundaries of Digital Curation Education (Sept 22-23, 2010)

We would like to invite you to participate in a workshop called Spanning
the Boundaries of Digital Curation Education, which will be held over
two half days: the afternoon of September 22 and the morning of
September 23 in Vienna, Austria.

The workshop will be held in association with the 7th International
Conference on Preservation of Digital Objects (iPRES2010) in Vienna on
Sept 19-24.

The number of projects and institutions providing training and education
on aspects of digital curation has increased dramatically in recent
years, resulting in a vast and often overwhelming number of courses for
potential attendees to consider. It is clear that increased
collaboration is needed in order to establish a more coordinated approach.

The primary goal of this workshop is to facilitate the sharing of
information and ideas across the boundaries of professional education
(national, institutional and educational level). While the number of
digital curation educational offerings across the globe has increased
significantly in recent years, there are still relatively scarce human
resources for developing and implementing educational content.

The workshop will explore potential areas of collaboration and will
include short summary talks about current educational activities by
workshop participants. We will then engage in small group discussions
devoted to planning and strategies for sharing and collaboration within
given regions and discussion among all participants about implications
for collective action and formulation of next steps.

This event is designed for those who are engaged in efforts to prepare
professionals to care for digital collections. This includes full-time
professional educators, but also professionals who work as adjunct
instructors, those who offer continuing professional education
workshops, and those providing professional development opportunities to
staff within their own institutions. It is intended to be a very
inclusive and interactive. In order to encourage participation from a
diverse set of individuals, we are not requiring participants to submit
formal papers.

If you would like to participate in the workshop, please send a message
to by July 15, 2010 with "Spanning the
Boundaries" as the subject line and including the following within the body of the message:

- Your name

- Institutional affiliation

- Job title

- Current and planned digital curation education efforts

- Whether or not you would like to give a brief presentation about your
current/planned efforts

This information will allow the organizers to determine how much time
should be devoted to the individual talks and structure the small group
discussions in a way that reflects the composition of the intended participants, based on nationality and institutional affiliation.

We encourage you to consider this exciting opportunity and to alert your
colleagues who have related interests. We hope to see you in Vienna!

Posted on behalf of the Spanning the Boundaries workshop team:

* George Coulbourne, Executive Program Officer, Office of Strategic
Initiatives, Library Of Congress

* Costis Dallas, Associate Professor & Interim Director of Museum
Studies, Faculty of Information, University of Toronto; Assistant
Professor, Communication, Media and Culture Department, Panteion
University; and Research Fellow, Digital Curation Unit - IMIS, Athena
Research Centre

* Joy Davidson, Associate Director, Digital Curation Centre (UK)

* Wendy Duff, Associate Professor, Faculty of Information, University of
Toronto; Director, Digital Curation Institute

* William Kilbride, Executive Director, Digital Preservation Coalition (UK)

* Christopher (Cal) Lee, Assistant Professor, School of Information and
Library Science, University of North Carolina

* Nancy McGovern, Digital Preservation Officer, Inter-University
Consortium for Political and Social Research, University of Michigan

* Simon Tanner, Director, King's Digital Consultancy Services, King's
College London, Centre for Computing in the Humanities

* Manfred Thaller, Professor of Humanities Computer Science, University
at Cologne, Germany

* Helen R. Tibbo, Professor, School of Information and Library Science,
University of North Carolina

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