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Archiving Web Sites - Preservation Strategies

Q. How can I preserve web content that I collect?


Take action

  • Think about what strategies you need to preserve your collections
  • Consider strategies for passive or active preservation





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  • Long, Andrew Stawowczyk.  "Long-Term Preservation of Web Archives - Experimenting with Emulation and Migration Methodologies."  IIPC, December 2009. 
    This project was commissioned by the IIPC Preservation Working Group (PWG) in 2008.  The aim of the project was to experiment and explore practical implementation of preservation actions, such as emulation and migration methodologies, in relation to long-term preservation of meaningful access to content collected in web archives.
  • Digital Preservation Testbed.  "Emulation: Context and Current Status."  June 2003. 
    This white paper presents the current status of emulation and gives an overview of the questions that still need further investigation.
  • Day, Michael.  "The Long-Term Preservation of Web Content."  Chap. 8 in Web Archiving: Issues and Methods, edited by Julien Masanès, 177-99.  New York: Springer, 2006. (subscription required to access this resource)
    This chapter considers the challenges of digital preservation, especially as related to Web archiving initiatives.



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