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Archiving Web Sites - Selection Criteria

Q. What criteria should I consider for selecting specific web pages to archive?

Once you have determined the general selection approach you would like to take, you can make more specific decisions about how you will select can collect web pages to archive.


Take action

  • Develop selection criteria
  • Possible considerations: scope and content of collections, time and frequency of collections, collection type (repeated collection vs. ad-hoc collection vs. one-off collection vs. comprehensive collection)
  • Defining boundary of collection
  • Defining level of collection (page level vs. site level vs. domain level)
  • Identifying entry points (manual vs. automatic)


Review use cases

  • National Library of Australia.  "Selection Guidelines."  Last updated April 27, 2011. 
    Links to the selection guidelines of the participating agencies in PANDORA.



  • Brown, Adrian.  "Selection."  Chap. 3 in Archiving Websites: A Practical Guide for Information Management Professionals.  London: Facet Publishing, 2006.
    Outlines the structural, temporal and informational qualities of the Web that influence the selection process.  Elaborates on a diagram of the discrete steps in the selection process, defining various selection methods and criteria.
  • Masanès, Julien.  "Selection for Web Archives."  Chap. 3 in Web Archiving: Issues and Methods, edited by Julien Masanès, 71-91.  New York: Springer, 2006. (subscription required to access this resource)
    Covers the three phases of selection: preparation, discovery, and filtering.


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