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This section is a space where you can see other members who have joined the Digital Curation Exchange. You can filter the members below by focus (Learning, Practice, Research, Teaching).

First name Last name User name Picture Institutional affiliation
Lotte Belice lottebelice
Shane BELL Shanebell189
Liz Bishoff lizbishoff
René Blekman René Blekman
John Blythe john_blythe
Filip Borloo Filip
Filip  Borloo's picture
Juanjo Bote juanjo.botev
University of Barcelona
Peter Botticelli pkb
Heather Bowden hbowden
Heather Bowden's picture
School of Information & Library Science, UNC Chapel Hill
D. Scott Brandt techman
glen brax glen436
Martha Briggs briggsm
Newberry Library
Michael E. Brown brownstudy
Michael E. Brown's picture
hopkingbrowning browning hopkingbrowning
Aaron Brubaker brubaker
Jeffery Brunner jeffbrunner
Rob Capra rcapra
Jake Carlson jrcarlso
Jake  Carlson's picture
Christina Chan-Park cychan
Christina Chan-Park's picture
Baylor University
Alexandra Chassanoff achass
Jeff Chastine chastine
Lisa Chaufty lchaufty
J. Willard Marriott Library, University of Utah
Christine Cheng christine-cheng
Christine  Cheng's picture
ken chua ken chua
Tessa Cierny tessa

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