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This section is a space where you can see other members who have joined the Digital Curation Exchange. You can filter the members below by focus (Learning, Practice, Research, Teaching).

First name Last name User name Picture Institutional affiliation
RobertH Simpson RobertH
Paige Smith PaigeSmith
Anthony Smith adsmith63
Anthony Smith's picture
Institute of Museum and Library Services
Anna Snyder Anna.Snyder
UNC Chapel Hill
Paul Soderdahl soderdhl
Julie Speer jspeer
Julie  Speer's picture
Louise Spiteri Louise Spiteri
Mindy Spitzer Johnston mspitzjohnston
Elin Stangeland es444
Ayla Stein astein
Ayla Stein's picture
University of Houston Libraries
Stephan Strodl Stephan Strodl
Stephan Strodl's picture
Matthew Stephens ms3uf
Matthew  Stephens's picture
Andria Stokes andriastokes
Avila University
Annette Strauch Annette Strauch
Annette  Strauch's picture
kiz, Uni Ulm
Sharon Streams sstreams
Richard Szary richardszary
Kathryn Talbot kwesolowsky
Kansas State University Libraries
Laurie Nancy Francesca Taylor laurien
Cassidy Taylor Cassidy
Cassidy Taylor's picture
Manfred Thaller thaller
Susan Thomas susan
Dave Thompson d-n-t
Dave  Thompson's picture
Helen Tibbo tibbo
Helen Tibbo's picture
Joe Test User JoeTestUser
Bill Veillette bveillette
Bill  Veillette's picture

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