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This section is a space where you can see other members who have joined the Digital Curation Exchange. You can filter the members below by focus (Learning, Practice, Research, Teaching).

First name Last name User name Picture Institutional affiliation
Laura Northern Venhaus lauravenhaus
Ellen Verbakel 3TU.Datacentrum
Ellen Verbakel's picture
danny von danny231
Ted Waller tedwaller
Minglu Wang mingluwang
Jewel Ward jewel_ward
Jewel  Ward's picture
University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, School of Information and Library Science
michele washington barshington
School of Visual Arts
Melissa Watterworth Melissa Watterworth
Nic Weber Nic Weber
Kimberli Weeks Kimberli Weeks
Virginia Tech
Jen Weintraub jweintraub
Karen West-Federico westk
Simmons College
Deborah Westfall dwestfall
Edge of the Cedars State Park Museum
Brian Westra bwestra
Darla White dawhite
M. Alison White alison white
Lois Widmer widmer
Ann Marie Willer A M Willer
Julie Williams inguuz
Julie Williams's picture
Simon Wilson s.wilson
Amelia Winstead Amelia.Winstead
Katie Winston Katie Winston
Katie  Winston's picture
Rachel Wise rwise
Michael Witt mwitt
Michael  Witt's picture
Kam Woods kamwoods
Kam Woods's picture

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