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This section is a space where you can see other members who have joined the Digital Curation Exchange. You can filter the members below by focus (Learning, Practice, Research, Teaching).

First name Last name User name Picture Institutional affiliation
Tessa Fallon taf2111
John Faundeen faundeen
John  Faundeen's picture
Pedro Juan Feliciano-Ortiz feliciap
Christopher Felker cfelker
Christopher Felker's picture
Kyle Fenton jkfenton
Merideth Fletcher merideth.fletcher
nicole fleury nfleury
chester forbers chester341
Suzanne Forbes Suzanne Forbes
Michael Forstrom Michael Forstrom
Patricia Franks Patricia C Franks
Patricia Franks's picture
San Jose State University
Meghan Frazer MeghanFrazer
Jamie Freedman Jamie Freedman
Ross Fuqua rossfuqua
Washington State Library
Mike Furlough mike furlough
Penn State University Libraries
Stu Gagnon sgagnon
Michelle Gallinger mgal
Michelle Gallinger's picture
Gallinger Consulting
Patricia Galloway patgalloway
Cristela Garcia-Spitz cristela
Chad Garrett cxgarrett
University of Arkansas at Little Rock
Marty Gengenbach gengenmj
Kansas State Historical Society
Lisa Gensel lgensel
University of Delaware Archives and Records Management
Cynthia Ghering Cynthia Ghering
Cynthia  Ghering's picture
David Giaretta dgiaretta
Mike Giarlo mjgiarlo
Mike Giarlo's picture
Penn State University

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