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This section is a space where you can see other members who have joined the Digital Curation Exchange. You can filter the members below by focus (Learning, Practice, Research, Teaching).

First name Last name User name Picture Institutional affiliation
Magia Krause Magia
Terra Kridler tkridler
Ozgur Kulcu kulcu
Hacettepe University Department of Information Managment
ethan kunt ethan421
Tony Kurtz TonyKurtz
Western Washington University
Sophia Lafferty-Hess laffertyhess
UNC-Chapel Hill
Sherry Lake ShLake
Brown Science & Engineering Library, University of Virginia
Andreas Landhäußer alandhae
Kaia Landon Kaial
Michael Lapides Michael Lapides
Ronald Larsen Ron Larsen
University of Pittsburgh
Cal Lee callee
Cal Lee's picture
Kerry Lemelin klemelin
James Lerch jameslerch
Martin Lewis MartinNHW
University of Sheffield
Emily Lin elin
University of California, Merced
Donald Linky dlinky
Albert Lisbon albertlisbon
Albert Lisbon's picture
Cherie Long cherielong
Phillip Long longpd
Phillip  Long's picture
collin mall collinmall23
Karen Manning K. Manning
Georgia Institute of Technology
Richard Marciano marciano
Richard Marciano's picture
Miguel Angel Mardero Arellano gemireki
Miguel Angel Mardero Arellano's picture
anna maria marras amarras

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