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Proposed Project Directions for PDAWG

See the attached discussion draft circulated in advance of: Stewardship of E-Manuscripts: Advancing a Shared Agenda (March 31, 2009, Wilson Library, Chapel Hill, North Carolina)

The document proposes a course of action and set of associated approaches for dealing with personal digital archives.

1) Collect data to determine:

a) Current collecting institution practices for dealing with personal digital materials, in terms of the Digital Curation Approaches for Personal Digital Archives (below)

b) Specific reasons for adopting or not adopting given practices

2) Developing resources and services to support personal digital resource curation

3) Test and evaluate the resources

4) Develop, implement and evaluate strategies and materials for preparing digital curation professionals -- e.g. archivists, librarians, museum curators, records managers, data engineers, data librarians -- to make effective use of the approaches, resources and services discussed above
(including professional education and development)

An essential theme running through all aspects of this agenda is ethics – both personal and professional.



I am especially interested in

I am especially interested in looking at how tools/practices for dealing with PDA that might be useful to archivists could also be useful to individuals for dealing with their own PDA, or PDA of family members (e.g. upon the death of a relative).

This is a very interesting

This is a very interesting thing to examine further.

Are there aspects of archival descriptive approaches that would be useful to individuals who want to reuse their own materials after relatively long periods of time or in very different contexts? Is individual sensemaking helped (or hindered) by having things like identified series, scope notes, or other types of contextual information?

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