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Groups, conferences, etc. for discussion of technical or architectural aspects of digital curation

Some colleagues and I have been trying to determine if there is a gap in terms of professional forums for the discussion of technical or architectural aspects of digital curation. What we're envisioning is a "community of practice," wherein we imply that practice and development is more of interest than theory or research. By "technical or architectural aspects," we mean that these aspects of curation are more of interest than organizational, workflow, analysis, management, and content aspects.

One of my colleagues has assessed some of the existing conferences to the best of his ability; feel free to correct or clarify them:

  • Code4Lib, though its focus is primarily on software and tends to revolve around the integrated library system and discovery systems;
  • JISC's International Digital Curation Conference, though I don't know much about it;
  • Sun's PASIG, though its future is in question and tends to be more "vendor-y" than some would like;
  • iPRES, though its focus seems split between technical/architectural and content/organization/workflow/assessment/management;
  • DigCCurr, though its focus is more on curatorial practices than curatorial technology and infrastructure;
  • Open Repositories, though it tends to be centered on DSpace, Fedora, and ePrints;
  • IT Architects in Academia (EDUCAUSE), though it is more about general enterprise architecture in academia and less about digital curation;
  • ...

If you happen to be interested in this, or if you have further questions, please post them to the Digital Curation Technology Google Group I've linked below. Note: I'm not the lead on this, I'm just helping spread the word.

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