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Short video for TUE morning of the Institute on MON.


This is really neat. Thanks

This is really neat. Thanks for capturing these moments.

This is great, Earl J. Thanks

This is great, Earl J. Thanks for putting this together!

Hello Heather, just trying to

Hello Heather,
just trying to make the Institute as much of a fun and memorable endeavor as it is an educational experience... I enjoy creating this sort of thing for everyone as a reminder of the activities and people who attended . . . as well as making it appealing for those who might consider coming to the next one...

It does seem like such a great idea to give people enough knowledge and exposure to just get started... and then come back as a follow-up to see how everything moves along... with advisors and mentors along the way between events . . . I just love it!

Much like the way most people use computers and software in the first place - they just want to know enough to do what they need to accomplish. . . then later they expand that sphere of knowledge to include what they want to accomplish. . .
* * *
So, I'll do whatever it takes (within the law - as far as it will stretch - with the little I can do ...) to make it a successful and fun event...

After all, I work for the government - I'm here to help... (grin)
* * *
Until that time... Earl J.

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