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Blog: knowledge stewardship…digital leverage

We are energized by the prospect of a secure, accessible, largely digital, global knowledge commons – fostering exploration, learning, development, creative activity and innovation. We recognize and are equally energized by the need to build such a commons in local, physical terms, in communities everywhere, as foundation and complement.

We believe knowledge stewardship and its supporting disciplines will anchor delivery and assurance of the content dimension of these commons. We see rapidly evolving digital techniques and toolsets as enabling and leveraging this role, and essential in providing requisite defenses.

In this broad context, we see convergence phenomena across libraries, archives, museum and heritage institutions of all types as signaling an important evolutionary period as new types of collaborative projects, new business models, and new organizational forms are explored.

We will regularly post about milestones, issues, challenges and solutions emerging across this landscape. We will endeavor to frame activity across disciplines and geographies, and provide visualizations of this rapidly evolving field to improve coherence and understanding.

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