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Digitizing - Quality

Q. How can I ensure quality control and quality assurance?

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  • Digital Library of Georgia.  "Digitization Guide."  July 2001.
    This guide is designed to give an overview of the digitization process for historical documents such as manuscripts, photographs, books, printed materials, and other flat paper items.  It is intended to cover the basics of digitization projects in a concise manner.  Links to more in-depth information are found throughout the guide, and a list of resources appears at the end.



  • "Quality Control and Assurance."  Chap. 8 in NINCH Guide to Good Practice.  National Initiative for a Networked Cultural Heritage, October 2002. (click on Chapter VIII in the Table of Contents). 
    Discusses some of the most effective methods of Quality Control and Assurance.
  • Riley, Jenn and Kurt Whitsel.  "Practical Quality Control Procedures for Digital Imaging Projects."  OCLC Systems & Services: International Digital Library Perspectives 21 no. 1 (2005).  doi: 10.1108/10650750510578145.
    Illustrates a set of quality review processes implemented in the Indiana University Digital Library Program’s Digital Media and Image Center.
  • Cornell University Library.  "Technical Infrastructure."  Chap. 6 in Moving Theory into Practice: Digital Imaging Tutorial, 2000-2003.
    Includes sections on Digitization Chain, Image Creation, File Management, and Delivery.


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