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Archiving Web Sites - Protect

It is necessary to take active measures to protect your digital content from loss that can take the form of changes, obsolescence, inappropriate access, and disasters.  One of the first lines of defense is to make multiple copies of your content and store them in different locations.  Depending on the resources you have available, you should make at least two copies of your content and optimally six copies.  You should also monitor your content for inadvertent or deliberate changes by performing checksum procedures that can detect and alert you to even the smallest changes in the digital objects in your collection.  Obsolescence -- or the state of having content in out-of-date file formats that are difficult to access with available software -- can be avoided by preemptively developing policies to address this issue.  These policies can involve choosing to collect only content in preservation-friendly file formats, planning to migrate your content to viable file formats as technology changes, and/or planning to utilize emulation software to provide access to your content over time.  As you are developing your policies during the Prepare stage, you should be sure to also prepare a policy for both technological and physical disaster preparedness. 


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