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Storage Media - Protect

Q. What actions should I take to protect the information I pull from storage media?

Once you pull digital information from physical media, you will have to take measures to protect it from corruption, theft, decay, and loss. 


Take action

  • Run virus scan on all disks and files examines 
  • Make sure you are in a secure/virtual environment
  • Make multiple backups of your content (at least two, but optimally six)
  • Perform checksum procedures to detect changes
  • Develop and follow policies to manage obsolescence



with the exception of the New South Wales piece, everything else below is also on the Digitizing - Protect page (which is also very similar to the Digitizing - How can I prepare for sustainability and for the future? page) (CB) -- I can copy the updated version over here, if desired

  • Long Term Digital Preservation (Some Initiatives in India and Germany). (2011, August)
  • Who Is Doing a Good Job in Digital Preservation? David Giaretta, director of Alliance for Permanent Access

Review use cases



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