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Cal Lee teaches Digital Preservation

Dr. Cal Lee, Assistant Professor at The School of Information & Library Science (SILS) at the University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill, presents a lecture on digital curation, the risks of not planning for preservation, digital archaeology, data exercise, emulation versus transformation, the need for standards and a hybrid approach to preservation.


What a great introduction to

What a great introduction to the complex world of digital preservation. I would have liked to have a better view of each slide from time to time ... especially the multi-stage slide near the end ... it looked fairly complex ... Overall, it would be nice to pause at each slide for a better look.

Of course, I produce video as a hobby so it is the visual aspect that makes me decide on whether something is worth advocating and sharing with others.

Very intriguing discussion of many factors concerning the migration and preservation of physical objects as well and the born-digital objects one might encounter. Too bad our stupid Army network has the site blocked during duty hours, I would have liked to let my boss view it to get a feel for what the future holds as we attempt to digitize our collections... whew! I need a nap after just thinking of all the work ahead of us. . . lol

Until that time... Earl J.

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