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Curating Digital Video - Select

Q. What are some of the primary considerations for selecting digital video for persistent collections?

After a thorough appraisal of the digital content you have and will be acquiring, you will need to select the content you will manage and preserve.  As part of this process, you should assess your institutional and departmental mission statements and determine if the content in question fits within your mission.  You will also need to determine if the content has value to your institution, if it's feasible to preserve the content, and if you can provide reliable access of the content to your users.  Once you have determined what content you will accept and process, document the selection choices you have made as well as who is permitted access to the content.


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  • The Art of Selecting Digital Content to Preserve workshop
    DPOE offers training workshops both online and in person on a wide range of digital preservation issues including selection and appraisal.  [On a previous page, I changed the link to the general workshops page rather than a workshop held last year -- should I keep doing the same? -- CB]



  • Ide, Mary and Leah Weisse.  "Recommended Appraisal Guidelines for Selecting Born-Digital Master Programs for Preservation and Deposit with the Library of Congress."  May 25, 2006.

    The purpose of this report is to inform the reader of the context and background to applying appraisal and selection guidelines for the long-term retention and preservation of public television programs.  This report provides an overview of archival appraisal in the analog world, reviews existing public television and other institutional appraisal guidelines including a model program of one public television station.  A general outline of the public television production process will give the reader a contextual setting for understanding the role of appraisal in the production workflow.  Finally the report will discuss recommended digital appraisal guidelines and their implications within the digital realm.  These guidelines are intended to meet the Library of Congress and public broadcasting stations’ archive and production needs, and assure that public television’s cultural heritage created in digital form will live into the future.
  • Capra, Robert G., et al.  "Selection and Context Scoping for Digital Video Collections: An Investigation of YouTube and Blogs."  JCDL '08, Pittsburgh, June 2008.

    This paper describes research conducted to help inform digital curation of on-line video.  Since May 2007, the authors have been monitoring the results of 57 queries on YouTube related to the 2008 U.S. presidential election.  They report results comparing these data to blogs that point to candidate videos on YouTube and discuss the effects of query-based harvesting as a collection development strategy.
  • Library of Congress.  "Digital Audio-Visual Preservation Prototyping Projects."  Last updated August 31, 2010.

    The prototyping projects by the Library of Congress are developing approaches for the digital reformatting of moving image and recorded sound collections as well as studying issues related to "born-digital" audio-visual content.  The projects include explorations of the scanning of motion picture film and the reformatting of video recordings from tape to digital files.
  • Cameron, Ann. "Capturing Moving Images Online."  The Indexer 24 no. 3 (April 2005): 142-44. (subscription required to access this resource)

    ‘Archive Live’, the online catalogue from Scottish Screen Archive, brings the film and video material in Scotland’s National Moving Image Collection to life on the web.  Designed to service the general public and the commercial programme maker, the catalogue is an essential reference tool, offering detailed information about moving images from 1895 to the present day.  This article describes the planning and decision-making processes involved in actually getting the catalogue online, and provides a look at cataloguing and indexing practice in a film archive.


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