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Position Papers for Aligning Digital Preservation across Nations: Workshop

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Micah Altman and Jonathan Crabtree - Auditing Distributed Digital Preservation44.75 KB
Lynn Benson - Ensuring a national level response to the digital preservation challenge; Networked digital preservation repositories; and Technical Registry273.18 KB
Dwayne K. Buttler - Decrypting Copyright in a Digital World13.58 KB
Sheila Corrall - A Competency Framework for Digital Curation and Data Science60.24 KB
Neil Grindley - Sharing the Costs and Cost Determinants of Digital Preservation226.16 KB
Carolyn Hank - To Keep or to Sweep? Toward Unpreservation of our Digital Breadcrumbs203.44 KB
Jeremy Leighton John, Matthew Kirschenbaum, Mark Matienzo, Don Mennerich, Christopher A. Lee, Porter Olsen, and Kam Woods - Crossing the Bitstreams: A Call for Collaborative Application of Forensics to Digital Curation Work139.2 KB
Mark Jordan - A Framework for International Nodes in Private LOCKSS Networks268.75 KB
Maureen Pennock - Proposal: Enabling Alignment Across the Board with an International Digital Preservation Consortium147.08 KB
Andreas Rauber - Aligning Research Data and Process Management Activities Across Regions and Disciplines48.81 KB
Michael Seadle - Benchmark Testing for Digital Preservation31.6 KB
Katherine Skinner, Eld Zierau, and Matt Schultz - Building a Framework for Applying OAIS to Distributed Digital Preservation175.29 KB
Alex Thirfays - Aligning Resources (presented by Jan Sorensen)365.21 KB
Paul Wheatley - Proposal for Collaboration Using Existing Online Initiatives354.43 KB
Paul Wheatley - Proposal for a Community Owned Registry of Digital Preservation Tools426.58 KB

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