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Analyzing Costs

Generating a useful cost analysis requires assessing the goals of your proposed analysis, your audience, and the types of information you have at your disposal, or can get with relative ease. It also requires making a clear assessment of how much time you have to create the analysis - a detailed cost-benefit study prepared for a business case requesting funding for a new repository may require several months of detailed, full-time investigation. A simple assessment of how expensive it would be for an already existent repository with clear, historical budget records going back several years to add a single additional service (such as providing greater manual review of metadata that come from automated user-uploads) will take considerably less time and effort. Thus, you need to ask yourself a number of questions in order to prepare for and implement an accurate cost analysis.


1. Prepare

2. Identify

3. Select

4. Get

5. Store

6. Protect

7. Manage

8. Provide

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