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  • Discuss with local curators and archivist where the logical point of integration are. Should you store the submission packets in the cloud or the other archival surrogates you have created?
  • Ask your local information technology support if restrictions prevent network connection outside your environment.



Winchester, MA  Columbia University, Rice University, and the State of North Carolina will take part in the newly launched DuraCloud Archive-It (AI) pilot program designed to provide Archive-It partner organizations with additional options to back-up their collections of archived content. Archive-It (, a web archiving service from Internet Archive, and DuraCloud (, a managed service for archiving content in the cloud from DuraSpace, have teamed up to test this new DuraCloud service that will allow Archive-It users to take advantage of DuraCloud's key features for storing digital collections: the ability to add any number of content copies to the cloud and store them with several different providers; automatic content health checks that easily detect bit integrity issues, and; Amazon Glacier access as a secondary, low-cost cloud store. The program goal is to test the new DuraCloud service for seamless Archive-It back-ups in DuraCloud this summer. Plans are to launch the DuraCloud-Archive-It utility to their library and archive community later this year.
Archivematica is a free and open-source digital preservation system that is designed to maintain standards-based, long-term access to collections of digital objects. Archivematica uses a micro-services design pattern to provide an integrated suite of software tools that allows users to process digital objects from ingest to access in compliance with the ISO-OAIS functional model. Users monitor and control the micro-services via a web-based dashboard. Archivematica uses METS, PREMIS, Dublin Core and other best practice metadata standards. Archivematica implements format policies based on an analysis of the significant characteristics of file formats.
DuraCloud is a hosted service that provides a centralised interface for organizations interested in using cloud storage as a part of their digital archiving and preservation programs. DuraCloud negotiates with commercial cloud storage providers such as Amazon Web Services and Windows Azure, coordinating content within these existing infrastructures.  It allows users to have multiple copies of their content on multiple clouds, without increasing procedural complications. - See more at:



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Digital curation involves a wide range of activities, many of which could benefit from cloud deployment to a greater or lesser extent. These range from infrequent, resource-intensive tasks which benefit from the ability to rapidly provision resources to day-to-day collaborative activities which can be facilitated by networked cloud services. Associated benefits are offset by risks such as loss of data or service level, legal and governance incompatibilities and transfer bottlenecks. There is considerable variability across both risks and benefits according to the service and deployment models being adopted and the context in which activities are performed. Some risks, such as legal liabilities, are mitigated by the use of alternative, e.g., private cloud models, but this is typically at the expense of benefits such as resource elasticity and economies of scale. Infrastructure as a Service model may provide a basis on which more specialised software services may be provided. There is considerable work to be done in helping institutions understand the cloud and its associated costs, risks and benefits, and how these compare to their current working methods, in order that the most beneficial uses of cloud technologies may be identified. Specific proposals, echoing recent work coordinated by EPSRC and JISC are the development of advisory, costing and brokering services to facilitate appropriate cloud deployments, the exploration of opportunities for certifying or accrediting cloud preservation providers, and the targeted publicity of outputs from pilot studies to the full range of stakeholders within the curation lifecycle, including data creators and owners, repositories, institutional IT support professionals and senior managers


  • WADDINGTON, S., ZHANG, J., KNIGHT, G., HEDGES, M., JENSEN, J., DOWNING, R.. Kindura: Repository services for researchers based on hybrid clouds. Journal of Digital Information, North America, 13, mar. 2012. Available at: . Date accessed: 02 Oct. 2013.
The paper describes the investigations and outcomes of the JISC-funded Kindura project, which is piloting the use of hybrid cloud infrastructure to provide repository-focused services to researchers. The hybrid cloud services integrate external commercial cloud services with internal IT infrastructure, which has been adapted to provide cloud-like interfaces. The system provides services to manage and process research outputs, primarily focusing on research data. These services include both repository services, based on use of the Fedora Commons repository, as well as common services such as preservation operations that are provided by cloud compute services. Kindura is piloting the use of the DuraCloud2, open source software developed by DuraSpace, to provide a common interface to interact with cloud storage and compute providers. A storage broker integrates with DuraCloud to optimise the usage of available resources, taking into account such factors as cost, reliability, security and performance. The development is focused on the requirements of target groups of researchers.

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