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Analyzing Costs - For What Timeframe?

Q. For what period of time do costs need to be assessed? (e.g., how many months or years of cost data do you need to generate?)

When developing a cost analysis, the period of time over which your analysis spans is very important. For multi-year analyses in particular it is important because you need to take into account the time-value of money. In essence, the time-value of money is simply the recognition that a dollar today is worth more to people than a dollar next year. Loan companies charge an interest rate to people and companies that want to borrow money, and these people are willing to pay that fee in order to have the money today instead of in the future. When conducting a cost analysis for digital curation, this principle holds for all parties: the repository, the staff hired, the funding agencies or grantors, and the vendors that provide goods or services that allow the repository to engage in curation of digital objects.



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