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Analyzing Costs - Outside Help

Q. What other people do I need to include in the creation of my analysis?

A variety of people will need to provide information to you in order to complete your analysis. Although specific individuals and occupational groups will vary from organization to organization, you will need to find people that can help you understand the following pieces of information better:

  • Work processes and tasks associated with the curation activity you are measuring;
  • Discount rates, interest rates, and inflation for the various resources used in your curation activities;
  • The range of possible strategies and policies that are to be considered for your curation activities in the timeframe covered by your cost analysis;
  • The time it takes to perform each curation activity, whether that is performed by human or machine resources;
  • The accounting techniques used by your organization for budgeting and financial planning; and 
  • The value of any resources provided "for free" by collaborators, the central administration at your organization, or other donors.



  • Federal Aviation Administration. Cost Analysis: Cost Analysis. [website]

    Near the bottom of this web page is a downloadable document called "Guidelines for FAA Cost Estimating." If you download this document, you can find a section in Chapter 2 called "Cost Estimating Team" (5). It gives you an idea of the number of people that will need to be available to help you build your cost analysis. Although it is by no means always the case that these people will be included in a formal team structure, you will need to access people that can share work process information, start-up costs, IT costs, discount rates, etc.
  • Virginia Information Technology Agency (VITA). Project Management Guideline: Appendix D - Cost/Benefit Analysis Guide, 2006. [website]

    Another detailed guide toward creating a cost-benefit analysis that includes a step-by-step guide to the activities required in creating the analysis. Although it doesn't directly estimate the time for conducting the analysis, you can estimate work effort based upon which best practice steps you plan to follow.

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