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What will be the mission and scope of my IR?

Take action

  • Consider what you would like to accomplish with the creation of an IR.
  • Construct small and large goals that, when accomplished, will demonstrate your IR's development and maturation.


  • Hank, Carolyn.  "Preparing Institutional Repositories: Challenges."  YouTube, 1:16, July 13, 2012.  Posted by CDCGUNC.  March 10, 2013. [Link]

"Carolyn Hank is an Assistant Professor at the School of Information Sciences at the University of Tennessee. She identifies some of the challenges of working in an institutional repository."

  • Wilczek, Eliot.  "Preparing Institutional Repositories: Starting Out."  YouTube, 1:17, July 1, 2012.  Posted by CDCGUNC.  February 18, 2013. [Link]

"Eliot Wilczek is the University Records Manager at Tufts University. He provides advice about starting work in an institutional repository."


  • Barton, Mary R. and Margaret M. Waters.  "Planning your institutional repository service" Chapter 2 and "Legal and Regulatory Environment and Policy Development" Chapter 4 in Creating an Institutional Repository: LEADIRS Workbook.  MIT Libraries, 2004-2005. [Link]

The Learning About Digital Institutional Repositories Seminars programme (LEADIRS) aims to describe and illustrate how to build an online institutional repository.  This workbook book supplements the seminar presentations and offers practical advice as well as work sheets you can use to get started with your own repository programme.  Where possible, it points you to real-world examples of planning aids or presentations used by university library teams in the UK and around the world.

  • Clement, Richard W., "Leveraging Institutional Repositories to Support Your Institution's Strategic Mission (July)" (2009). Library Faculty & Staff Presentations. Paper 7. [Link]

This presentation was given at the 2009 American Library Association annual conference. It addresses how to improve the chances of a successful Institutional Repository.

  • Gibbons, Susan. "Establishing an Institutional Repository." Library Technology Reports 40, no. 4 (2004). [Link]

This report answers the basic, yet complex, questions of what an institutional repository is and why one might be of value to your organization. The report also discusses specific policy, use, and technical decisions that will result in a detailed checklist of functions and features of the ideal institutional repository system for your organization.

  • Tamminga, Tim. "The Institutional Repository and the Institution’s Mission" Presented during the ACRL conference. Seattle. Jan. 2009. [Link]

The presentation briefly looks at how libraries originally presented IRs. These approaches tended to fail. However, when the IR is aligned with the mission of the school, the odds of success are much higher. Libraries need a strategic approach to selling the value of the IR to the Provost and Deans


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