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With whom might I partner or collaborate for this project and what roles might I fill?

Take action

  • Reach out to contacts within your community.

  • Survey your community and see who is interested in participating.


  • Institutional Repository Partnership Project - ICPSR – Michigan [Link]

"This project is about building partnerships between institutional respositories and social science data archives. Improvements in data processing and storage technology are resulting in an increase in research data on a variety of social, economic, and political subjects. Many datasets could be profitably reanalyzed, but they are at danger of being lost since they are never properly archived. Institutional repositories are charged by their institutions to preserve the scholarly products of their faculty or institution, but not all feel prepared to curate and archive social science data. How can data archives and institutional repositories improve coordination to successfully work together to archive data?"


  • Billings, Marilyn. "The Potential Partnerships: Dissolving Silos for a Successful IR Implementation." YouTube, 59:19, December 16 2009. Posted by ALCTS. July 30, 2012. [Link]

"In this hour-long webcast, The University of Massachusetts' institutional repository is used as a case study to explore: * how the new digital repository service has affected the way librarians envision our place in the future of the academy, * how the academy is changing its view of the library's role, * new tools and skills that we are developing to fulfill this service, and * new partnerships that we have created and fostered to exploit this new vision."

  • Wilczeck, Eliot. "Preparing Institutional Repositories: Cultivating Partnerships." YouTube, 00:32. Posted by CDCGUNC. February 18, 2013. [Link]

"Eliot Wilczek is the University Records Manager at Tufts University. He identifies the importance of cultivating partnerships that will help make an institutional repository successful."

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