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What services will my IR provide?


  • Burns, C. Sean. Institutional Repositories: Exploration of Cost and Value. D-Lib Magazine 19(1/2), (2013). [Link]

"The highlights of our findings, based on median values, suggest that institutions that mediate submissions incur less expense than institutions that allow self-archiving, institutions that offer additional services incur greater annual operating costs than those who do not, and institutions that use open source applications have lower implementation costs but comparable annual operating costs with institutions that use proprietary solutions. Furthermore, changes in budgeting, from special initiative to absorption into the regular budget, suggest a trend in sustainable support for institutional repositories."

  • Hitchcock, Steve, Brody, Tim, Hey, Jessie and Carr, Leslie. "Digital Preservation Service Provider Models for Institutional Repositories: Towards Distributed Services." DLib Magazine, 13, (5/6). (2007). [Link]

"Repositories and providers can shape preservation services at different cost levels that could range from comprehensive 'black-box' preservation to pick-and-mix lightweight Web-based services that build on the common starting point, format identification. This article describes the evolution of a series of models that have informed progress towards this conception of flexible and distributed preservation services for IRs."

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