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How do I determine the best workflow for my project?


  • Project Management for a Digitisation Project

This paper takes a look at the role and responsibilities of the digitisation project manager. It addresses common managerial challenges such balancing the expectations of stakeholders and ensuring the of quality of output. It is intended to be of use to the management team of time limited digitisation projects or to resource management staff planning to digitise their collection.


  • Mugridge, Rebecca L. Managing Digitization Activities. ARL SPEC Kit 294. Washington, DC: Association of Research Libraries, September 2006.

This SPEC survey was designed to identify the purposes of ARL member libraries; digitization efforts, the organizational structures these libraries use to manage digital initiatives, whether and how staff have been reassigned to support digitization activities, where funding to sustain digital activities originated and how that funding is allocated,how priorities are determined, whether libraries are outsourcing any digitization work, and how the success of libraries’ digital activities has been assessed. The focus of the survey was on the digitization of existing library materials, rather than the creation of born-digital objects.

  • Velarde, Daniel, Daniel. (2013). Illusion and Achievement in Open-Access Digitization. Feliciter, 3, 37-39.

"The article looks at visionary ideas and achievements of open-access (OA) library digitization projects in Canada. According to the author, a national OA library faces barriers including copyright, a digital deficit and the need for a workable business model for reliable service delivery. The author describes Canadian academic Michael Geist's vision of a national OA library. The author notes that public funding is not a sustainable way to support OA."

  • Guidelines: Digitization Activities - Project Planning

The aim of this document is to define activities relating to the digitization of original cultural materials, and to outline general steps for planning and management of this process. The activities described in this document address library/archival issues, imaging and conversion work, and IT infrastructure issues in particular.  This document defines "digitization" as a complete process, and covers all project components from content selection through delivery of digitized objects into a repository environment.

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