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How do I select appropriate equipment for digitization?


  • Guidelines: Audio Digitization System Performance (FADGI)

Performance of audio digitization systems: overview. The Working Group has been exploring the issues pertaining to the performance testing of audio digitization systems. This activity responds to recommendation 2.4 of the National Recording Preservation Plan and is also intended to parallel efforts by the Still Image Working Group to develop metrics and methods for the performance testing of still image scanners and cameras. For audio digitization, two aspects have been under study: (a) the performance of analog-to-digital converters (ADCs) and (b) the problem of interstitial errors, i.e., accidental loss or transformations of audio samples within the digitizing system before the data stream is written to file. This activity is supported by the Working Group's expert consultant Chris Lacinak of Audiovisual Preservation Solutions.


  • Robotic Book Scanner

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