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What do I need to preserve digitial materials?


  • ALA TechSource: The Preservation of Digital Materials

  • Digital History: A Guide to Gathering, Preserving, and Presenting the Past on the Web

  • Wikipedia: Digital Preservation


  • Conservation and Preservation in the Digital Age by John F. Dean

  • INFO 504 Week 13 - Digital Preservation and Web Archiving


  • Hunter, Gregory S. Preserving Digital Information: A How To-Do-It Manual (How to Do It Manual for Librarians, No 93). Neal Schuman Pub: 2000.

"Preserving electronic information presents a new challenge for librarians, archivists, and others. Both large and small organizations are now responsible not only for preserving print resources but for preserving digital information on disks, networks, CD-ROMs, and other electronic media as well.

This unique manual shows how to apply the 'best practices' recommended by professional associations and experts for preserving information in electronic formats. You’ll find specific guidance in all aspects of preserving digital information including recommended storage considerations, file format issues, preserving e-mail messages and Web pages, and technical aspects of digital imaging. The author, one of the nation’s most respected preservation professionals, outlines a seven-step approach to implementing a system for preserving digital records. The nature of digital information, media fragility, technical obsolescence, system integrity, and "the digital record" are covered. Get practical expert advice for managing the process— and ensuring that today’s digital libraries will be preserved and useable by future generations.

This manual is the winner of the Society of American Archivists' (SAA) 2001 Preservation Publications Award. It was described by its nominator as 'a through and systematic review of the issues, best practices, and challenges associated with the preservation of digital objects.'"

  • Harvy, Douglas Ross. Preserving Digital Materials. Sauer de Gruyter: 2005.

"This book provides a single-volume introduction to the principles, strategies and practices currently applied by librarians and record keepers to the preservation of digital information. Also included are case studies of practice from the library, record keeping, audiovisual archiving, data archiving and geospatial communities."

  • Trifunović, Bogdan. (2013). The public-private partnership case study in digitization of audiovisual heritage. OCLC Systems & Services, 29, 30-36.

"Purpose – The purpose of this paper is to analyze how one relatively small public library, limited in funds and resources, managed to cope with the challenges of digitization of audiovisual material related to local heritage. The paper will also tackle the problem of preservation of information on obsolete media and their digitization in an effort of preserving one important part of the cultural legacy of the twentieth century, which is in danger of being lost due to technology advancement or human negligence. Design/methodology/approach – The author will describe one possible solution of obtaining audiovisual material in libraries and its digitization through established public-private partnership between the Public Library in Čačak and private enterprise sector, or more precisely between Library's Digitization Centre and a local TV station. This partnership forced librarians to introduce new technologies, equipment and practice in their everyday work, to be able to successfully answer challenges of digitization and preservation of audiovisual material. Findings – The public libraries should pay attention to their old collections of audio tapes, VHS, Betamax and other media nowadays out of usage, as well as to other audiovisual collections important for the local heritage kept under the auspices of institutions and individuals in the community. Originality/value – There are not many papers dealing with the described issues of digitization of audiovisual material in public libraries. This paper could be of use for many smaller cultural and memory institutions throughout the world." [ABSTRACT FROM AUTHOR]

  • Johnston, Wayne. (2012). Digital Preservation Initiatives in Ontario: Trusted Digital Repositories and Research Data Repositories. Partnership: The Canadian Journal of Library & Information Practice & Research, 7, 1-8.

"The first in a series of two articles dealing with digital preservation, this article discusses repositories, more specifically Trusted Digital Repositories (TDR) and Research Data Repositories. The focus will be on the TDRs at Scholars Portal and Library and Archives Canada (LAC), and the data repository at the University of Guelph." [ABSTRACT FROM AUTHOR]

  • Enis, Matt. (2013). LC Releases U.S. Recording Preservation Plan. Library Journal, 138, 20.

"The article discusses the release of the congressionally mandated National Recording Preservation Plan by the U.S. Library of Congress (LC) in February 2013. Topics include the report's recommendations for preserving sound recordings and library collections; the digitization of recorded music and audio; and the need for a national discography of historical audio records."

  • Gracy, Karen F., and Kahn, Miriam B. (2012). Preservation in the Digital Age. Library Resources & Technical Services, 56, 25-43.

"This paper surveys research and professional literature on preservation-related topics published in 2009 and 2010, identifies key contributions to the field in periodicals, monographs, and research reports, and provides a guide to the changing landscape of preservation in the digital age. The authors have organized the reviewed literature into five major areas of interest: tensions in preservation work as libraries embrace digital resources, mass digitization and its effects on collections, risk management and disaster response, digital preservation and curation, and education for preservation in the digital age." [ABSTRACT FROM AUTHOR]

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