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How can I evaluate my project (including user assessment)?


  • Chen, Hsiang. (2006). Digitization of the Experience Sampling Method. Social Science Computer Review, 24, 106-118.

"The implementation and the assessment of the digital experience sampling method are reported in this article. The experience sampling method is transformed into a digital format and is examined in the Web environment to elicit online Web users’ experiences through multiple iterations of an online questionnaire. By sampling Web users’ online experiences and detecting Web users’ situated experiences from a time point very close to their actual experiences, this tool may collect reliable and valid data with minimal distortion. This tool may effectively and unambiguously tap Web users’ internal experiences associated with their use of the Web. Two empirical studies are reported to verify the usefulness of this method."

  • Institute of Museum and Library Services: Assessment of End-User Needs in IMLS-Funded Digitization Projcts

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