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How do I determine the best ingest workflow for my IR?


"OpenDOAR is a simple, web-based tool that guides repository administrators through the process of creating basic policies for the submission, re-use, and preservation of digital materials. These policy statements are not meant to be generated for legal purposes, but rather to encourage reuse of the deposited items. Using check boxes and pick lists, the tool provides recommended options for minimum compliance with the aims of the Open Access movement."

  • Tufts Accessioning Program for Electronic Records (TAPER). [Link]

"The Digital Collections and Archives undertook a three-year National Historical Publications and Records Commission (NHPRC) electronic records Program Expansion Project grant (RE10005-08) to support the Tufts Accessioning Program for Electronic Records (TAPER) project. During the project the DCA designed, developed, and implemented machine-readable submission agreements and records context records."


  • Glick, Kevin, and Eliot Wilczek.  “Ingest Guide for University Electronic Records.” 2006. [Link]

"One of the key challenges to preserving electronic records in a meaningful way is preserving the authenticity and integrity of records during their movement from a recordkeeping system to a preservation system. This Ingest Guide describes the actions needed for a trustworthy ingest process."

  • Madsen, Debora L. and Jenny K. Oleen. "Staffing and Workflow of a Maturing Institutional Repository." Journal of Librarianship and Scholarly Communication 1(3). February 2013.

"Institutional repositories (IRs) have become established components of many academic libraries. As an IR matures it will face the challenge of how to scale up its operations to increase the amount and types of content archived."

  • Wheatley, Paul. "Institutional Repositories in the Context of Digital Preservation." Digital Preservation Coalition. 2004. [Link]

"This report [focuses] on the requirements, functions and use of digital preservation in an institutional repository context. It will also provide an overview of existing institutional repository software as well as details of working systems and their core aims and purpose." Specifically, look at Sections 6 and 7 to see discussion of ingest - its purposes and methods.

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