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What do I need from data contributors to be able to properly manage their data?

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  • Hense, Andreas, and Florian Quadt. “Acquiring High Quality Research Data.” D-Lib Magazine 17, no. 1/2 (January 2011). doi:10.1045/january2011-hense.

At present, data publication is one of the most dynamic topics in e-Research. While the fundamental problems of electronic text publication have been solved in the past decade, standards for the external and internal organisation of data repositories are advanced in some research disciplines but underdeveloped in others. We discuss the differences between an electronic text publication and a data publication and the challenges that result from these differences for the data publication process. We place the data publication process in the context of the human knowledge spiral and discuss key factors for the successful acquisition of research data from the point of view of a data repository. For the relevant activities of the publication process, we list some of the measures and best practices of successful data repositories.

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