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How do I promote my IR?

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  • Consider traditional methods of promotion.


  • Digital Commons, DC Telegraph: "Promoting Your Institutional Repository with Videos" [Link]



  • Kipnis, Dan. "Promoting Institutional Repositories On and Off Campus." YouTube, 57:12, 2011 November 30. Posted by ALCTS. 2012 July 30. [Link]

"Session considers strategies for promoting an institutional repository to on-campus and off-campus constituencies. Includes results of surveys carried out at institutions with IRs and information based on the speaker's experience at Thomas Jefferson University."


  • Arendt, Julie; Nabe, Jonathan; and Imre, Andrea, "Digging for Buried Treasure: Strategies for Promoting Institutional Repositories (Part 1)" (2010).Conference Papers and Presentations. Paper 9. [Link]

Presentation of different strategies and tactics for promotion of IRs.

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