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How do I capture provenance?

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  • Review archival principles and practices - see IR-Prepare


  • Bearman, David A. and Richard H. Lytle."The Power of the Principle of Provenance." Archivaria 21 (1985): 14-27.

"This article offers a critique of the application of the principle of provenance in traditional archival environments and proposes its expansion in a more powerful application to information management. The article also advocates a much more aggressive leadership role for archivists in the wider management of information resources."

  • Moreau, Luc. "The Foundations for Provenance on the Web." Foundations and Trends in Web Science 2, No. 2/3 (2010): 99-241. [Link]

"As the Web allows information sharing, discovery, aggregation, filtering and flow in an unprecedented manner, it also becomes very difficult to identify, reliably, the original source that produced an information item on the Web. Since the emerging use of provenance in niche applications is undoubtedly demonstrating the benefits of provenance, we contend that provenance can and should reliably be tracked and exploited on the Web, and we survey the necessary foundations to achieve such a vision."

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