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Affordable Traser military watch U.S. Army major suppliers

Need to explain , Traser and Luminox patek philippe replica watches watches are the two brands , Traser national origin in Switzerland , the United States and the United States joint venture is called Luminox. In essence, both international reputation is no clear winner , but the military puzzle are still generally considered to be of good quality genuine replica franck muller Swiss Federal few .

Swiss watches still good , the Western countries for their own military forces are customized Swiss watches produced allotted army. Traser watches with exquisite and pure Swiss watchmaking industry's unique patented tritium gas light technology to win the market . Main products through a national military harsh military materiel procurement standards , the U.S. military but also for the production of self-luminous Traser military entered the army table table specifications - MIL-W-46374F.

Here we must talk about the Traser watch a patented light technology . mb-microtec H3 technology is in the wall coated with phosphorescent material mineral glass tube into the gaseous tritium , tritium and phosphorescent substances react produce cold light , this light is not bright light and heat emission , it will not burn and explode. It is not subject to water, oil and a variety of corrosive effects , does not require an external light source to provide energy or external reflection , can remain stable and long-lasting light-emitting 10-20 years. The use of advanced technology and strict cartier replicas radiation testing to ensure that the body will not be tritium radiation. 25 years after the adoption mb-microtec H3 light fake rolex source products, please return to the company's professional destruction. Using this technology military replica cartier equipment, military form in each country a million .

Military form requires strong , low cost, ease of manufacturing . These features as a professional manufacturer Traser Military supergene performance is particularly prominent. Traser using high-strength glass surface , strong rolex replica enough to wear, unlike other military form in order to reduce costs and fake panerai the use of reinforced plastic surfaces. Quartz watches relatively simple structure , coupled with excellent Swiss replica rolex watches watchmaking facilitate mass production (Traser while still in the military form of LumiNox other brands produce watches ) . Traser strict control of costs , with better materials , the Swiss watchmaker of the high salaries of the rolex replica watches price than the cost of similar military form a few dollars higher .

Affordable Traser military watch U.S. Army major replica watches suppliers, the European countries and multi-national law enforcement units Army. U.S. Rangers, British SAS, French Foreign Legion and other elite units are used. As Western soldiers experienced the Gulf cheap fake watches War and the Iraq war, U.S. soldiers is to be known as "king of military watch".

Traser unique tritium light source technology, so that the watch can be 12.3 years lasting immortal. Users can watch the back of the "Black Storm Special Limited Edition" engraved book.Related Articles:

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