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Call for Contributions - Applying Forensics to Preserving the Past: Current Activities and Future Possibilities

CALL FOR CONTRIBUTIONS: Submission Deadline Extension: 1 August 2014

A workshop on digital forensics to be held at the ACM/IEEE Joint Conference on Digital Libraries (JCDL 2014) International Conference on Theory and Practice of Digital Libraries (TPDL 2014), which is taking place at City University London, 8-12 September 2014.

The workshop itself will take place on the afternoon of 11 September and the morning of 12 September.


Workshop Summary

The application of digital forensics to library, archives and museum (LAM) contexts has gained considerable attention in the past several years. There is increasing recognition of the benefits that digital forensics can bring to archival practice: the creation of authentic copies of data on disks; reflection of the original order of materials; establishment of more trustworthy chains of custody; discovery and exposure of associated contextual information; and identification of sensitive information that should be filtered, redacted or masked in appropriate ways.

Many institutions have begun to establish workflows that include elements of digital forensics, such as use of hardware write blockers, formation of forensic disk images, capture of forensic metadata and search within disk for various forms of “hidden” data. However, there are still many gaps in associated research and professional practice.

This one-day workshop will be held in conjunction with the International Digital Libraries Conference (DL2014). The focus will be on application of digital forensics to acquisition, processing and preservation of materials in libraries, archives and museums. Participants will report on current activities, discuss gaps and opportunities and advance collective action.

The objectives will be to feature innovate application of digital forensics in LAMs; report on the current state of the art; identify challenges, gaps, and opportunities for further collaboration; and articulate recommendations for future activity.

The workshop will include:

·         Personal introductions and overview

·         Short talks by individuals reporting on current activities or future possibilities

·         Small group discussions devoted to planning and strategies for sharing and collaboration in specific areas (based on a clustering of the submitted papers)

·         Discussion among all participants about implications for collective action

·         Formulation of next steps

Instructions for Contributors

Those interested in participating in this workshop should submit a short (maximum of one-page) paper related to applying digital forensics in library, archives and museum settings. Accepted submissions will serve as a basis for short talks and the papers themselves will be disseminated publicly after the event (contributors will be given an opportunity to make revisions). Potential areas of focus include (but are not limited to): current innovative practices; research and development activities; recommendations for future action; and educational needs and offerings.

Please format your paper using the ACM template: templates.

Submissions should be to following address:

If you have questions about this event, please contact

Submission Deadline: 1 August 2014


Jeremy Leighton John, British Library

Christopher (Cal) Lee, University of North Carolina

Susan Thomas, Bodleian Library

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