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Graphics Interchange Format

Name Graphics Interchange Format Version 1987a Other names GIF (1987a) Identifiers Apple Uniform Type Identifier: com.compuserve.gif PUID: fmt/3 MIME: image/gif Classification Image (Raster) Disclosure Full Description The Graphics Interchange Format (GIF) is a raster image format developed by Compuserve, primarily for use on the internet. GIF files can contain multiple images, although this feature is rarely used or supported in practice. A GIF file begins with a Header section and a Logical Screen Descriptor section. This is followed by one or more Image sections, and the file is terminated by a Trailer. GIF supports bit depths between 1 and 8 bits (i.e. up to 256 colours) and supports features such as interlacing and transparency. Images are always stored using lossless LZW compression. Orientation Binary Byte order Little-endian (Intel) Related file formats Is previous version of Graphics Interchange Format (1989a) Technical Environment Released 15 Jun 1987 Developed by Compuserve Incorporated Supported by None. Source Digital Preservation Department / The National Archives Source date 11 Mar 2005 Last updated 02 Aug 2005

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