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WordHoard is an application for the close reading and scholarly analysis of deeply tagged texts.

Keith Humphreys' PhraseRate

PhraseRate is a program, developed by Keith Humphreys, for extracting a set of meaningful, attractive keywords and key phrases from a web page describing the content of that page.

KEA (Keyphrase Extraction Algorithm)

KEA is an algorithm for extracting keyphrases from text documents. It can be either used for free indexing or for indexing with a controlled vocabulary.

Freeware Hex Editor XVI32

XVI32 is a freeware hex editor running under Windows 95, Windows 98, Windows NT, Windows 2000, and Windows XP.


WinHex is in its core a universal hexadecimal editor, particularly helpful in the realm of computer forensics, data recovery, low-level data processing, and IT security. An advanced tool for everyday and emergency use: inspect and edit all kinds of files, recover deleted files or lost data from hard drives with corrupt file systems or from digital camera cards.

Hex Workshop

The Hex Workshop Hex Editor by BreakPoint Software is a complete set of hexadecimal development tools for Microsoft Windows 2000 and later. Hex Workshop integrates advanced binary editing and data interpretation and visualization with the ease and flexibility of a modern word processor.

Editing Binary Files

This page gives information on Hexl mode.


kopal Library for Retrieval and Ingest (koLibRI)

The kopal Library for Retrieval and Ingest (koLibRI) represents a library of Java tools that have been developed for the interaction with the DIAS system of IBM within the kopal project.

XIRAF – XML-based indexing and querying for digital forensics

This is a paper from 2006.



This paper describes a novel, XML-based approach towards managing and querying forensic traces extracted from digital evidence. This approach has been implemented in XIRAF, a prototype system for forensic analysis.

Windows IR/CF Tools

This page links to Windows IR/CF Tools.

ASR Data

ASR develops comprehensive forensic methodologies and tools.

The Sleuth Kit

This is the official web site for The Sleuth Kit and Autopsy Browser. Both are open source digital investigation tools (a.k.a. digital forensic tools) that run on Windows and Unix systems (such as Linux, OS X, Cygwin, FreeBSD, OpenBSD, and Solaris). They can be used to analyze NTFS, FAT, HFS+, Ext2, Ext3, UFS1, and UFS2 file systems and several volume system types.

Real-time Analytical Intelligence Database (RAID)

RAID is a relational database used to record key pieces of information and to quickly identify links among people, places, businesses, financial accounts, telephone numbers, and other investigative information.


FLAG (Forensic and Log Analysis GUI) is an advanced forensic tool for the analysis of large volumes of log files and forensic investigations. PyFlag features a rich FeatureList which include the ability to load many different log file formats, Perform forensic analysis of disks and images. PyFlag can also analyse network traffic as obtained via tcpdump quickly and efficiently.

Technology Pathways

Technology Pathways, LLC is a leading edge provider of computer security tools and services for the Corporate IT, government and legal communities.

The PERPOS Tools: User's Guide

The Archival Repository Tool (ART) is a prototype software tool designed to support archivists in accessing and describing file systems containing electronic records. The Archival Processing Tool (APT) is a prototype software tool designed to support archivists in processing accessioned file systems. This use guide gives more information.


Paraben provides forensics tools.

Open Computer Forensics Architecture (OCFA)

Open Computer Forensics Architecture is a modular computer forensics framework. The project aims to be highly modular, robust,fault tolerant, recursive and scalable in order to be usable in large investigations that spawn numerous terabytes of evidence data and covers hundreds of evidence items.


InfinaDyne's forensic products are focused on government and law enforcement examining various types of media and intent on collecting evidence in a thorough, secure and trustworthy manner.


ILookPI provides a fully programmable IDE environment with customizable tool capabilities.


i2 is a provider of intelligence and investigation management software for law enforcement, defense, national security and private sector organizations.

Helix (e-fense)

bootable CD with Linux and forensic tools

McAfee Free Tools

Free Tools [See specifically Foresnic Tools]

Forensic Toolkit (AccessData)

Forensic Toolkit (AccessData)

Forensic Acquistion Utilities

George M. Garner

FCCU GNU/Linux Forensic Boot CD

bootable CD with Linux and forensic tools

Farmer’s Boot CD (FBCD)

bootable CD with Linux and forensic tools

EnCase Forensic (Guidance Software)

EnCase Forensic (Guidance Software)

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