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Xcopy copies files and directories, including subdirectories.

cp Unix command

cp copies files (or, optionally, directories). The copy is completely independent of the original. You can either copy one file to another, or copy arbitrarily many files to a destination directory.


Scalpel is a fast file carver that reads a database of header and footer definitions and extracts matching files from a set of image files or raw device files.

The Carve Path Zero-storage Library and filesystem

LibCarvPath is a library for computer forensics carving tools. The library provides in the low level needs of zero-storage carving. It does this by providing an interface to hierarchically ordered fragment lists, and allowing these fragment lists to be converted to and from virtual file paths. These special virtual file paths can be used in conjunction with the CarvFS filesystem, a pseudo filesystem build using fuse and LibCarvPath.


WinZip is the world's most popular Windows Zip utility for file compression, file sharing, file encryption, and data backup.


The Tar program provides the ability to create tar archives, as well as various other kinds of manipulation. For example, you can use Tar on previously created archives to extract files, to store additional files, or to update or list files which were already stored.


gzip produces files with a .gz extension. gunzip can decompress files created by gzip, compress or pack. The detection of the input format is automatic.


Filzip offers full support (add and extract) support for ZIP (including Quake III's PK3),BH (BlakHole), CAB (Microsoft Cabinet),JAR (JavaARchive), LHA (LZH), TARand GZIP(TAR.GZ).


7-Zip is a file archiver with a high compression ratio.


MD5summer is an application for Microsoft Windows 9x, NT, ME, 2000 and XP which generates and verifies md5 checksums.

md5sum Unix command

md5sum computes a 128-bit checksum (or fingerprint or message-digest) for each specified file.

md5deep and hashdeep

md5deep is a set of programs to compute MD5, SHA-1, SHA-256, Tiger, or Whirlpool message digests on an arbitrary number of files. md5deep is similar to the md5sum program found in the GNU Coreutils package. hashdeep is a program to compute, match, and audit hashsets.

Cksum Unix command

cksum computes a cyclic redundancy check (CRC) checksum for each given file, or standard input if none are given or for a file of ‘-’.

tr Unix command

tr copies standard input to standard output.

Dual Boot Windows

Make changes to the Windows Boot Configuration Data (BCD) registry quickly and easily, doing the job in a fraction of the time it would take using alternative DOS-based methods.


 EasyBCD extends and revamps the Windows Vista/Windows 7 BCD bootloader.

Unstructured Information Management Architecture (UIMA)

UIMA is an open, industrial-strength, scaleable and extensible platform for creating, integrating and deploying unstructured information management solutions from combinations of semantic analysis and search components.

Perseus Digital Library

Perseus maintains a web site that showcases collections and services developed as a part of research efforts over the years.

ibiblio's systems infrastructure

This page gives information on ibiblio's systems infrastructure.


A short booster for FRI morning of the Institute activity and dinner on THU.


A short video for THU morning of the Institute activity on WED.


A short booster for WED morning of the Institute activity and dinner on TUE.


Short video for TUE morning of the Institute on MON.


Short video of the opening night... shrimp and crabcakes... yum, yum!

A Report from the Second Workshop of the IDEA Working Group

Follow the link the the Report from the Second Workshop of the International Data curation Education Action (IDEA) Working Group, written by Carolyn Hank and Joy Davidson.

Digital Preservation and Access - UNC at Chapel Hill

Attached is the syllabus from the course, Digital Preservation and Access. Taught in the Fall of 2008 by Helen Tibbo and Carolyn Hank at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. INLS 752.

Corel Painter 8.0

This page offers a software summary of Corel Painter 8.0.

Autocad 2004

This page offers a software summary of Autocad 2004.

Acrobat Messenger 1.0

This page offers a software summary of Acrobat Messenger 1.0.

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