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How To Use Cipher.exe to Overwrite Deleted Data in Windows

This page explains how to use cipher.exe to overwrite deleted data in Windows.

7 years 37 weeks ago

The Xen hypervisor, the powerful open source industry standard for virtualization, offers a powerful, efficient, and secure feature set for virtualization of x86, x86_64, IA64, ARM, and other CPU architectures.

7 years 37 weeks ago

Wine lets you run Windows software on other operating systems. With Wine, you can install and run these applications just like you would in Windows.

7 years 37 weeks ago
VMware Player

VMware Player is the easiest way to run multiple operating systems at the same time on your PC.

7 years 37 weeks ago

VirtualBox is a powerful x86 and AMD64/Intel64 virtualization product for enterprise as well as home use. Not only is VirtualBox an extremely feature rich, high performance product for enterprise customers, it is also the only professional solution that is freely available as Open Source Software under the terms of the GNU General Public License (GPL).

7 years 37 weeks ago

ReactOS is a free, modern operating system based on the design of Windows XP/2003.

7 years 37 weeks ago

Linux-VServer provides virtualization for GNU/Linux systems. This is accomplished by kernel level isolation. It allows to run multiple virtual units at once. Those units are sufficiently isolated to guarantee the required security, but utilize available resources efficiently, as they run on the same kernel.

7 years 37 weeks ago
Kernel-based virtual machine

KVM (for Kernel-based Virtual Machine) is a full virtualization solution for Linux on x86 hardware containing virtualization extensions (Intel VT or AMD-V). It consists of a loadable kernel module, kvm.ko, that provides the core virtualization infrastructure and a processor specific module, kvm-intel.ko or kvm-amd.ko. KVM also requires a modified QEMU although work is underway to get the required changes upstream.

7 years 37 weeks ago

JPC is the fast pure Java x86 PC emulator.

7 years 37 weeks ago
Dioscuri - the modular emulator

Dioscuri is an x86 computer hardware emulator written in Java. It is designed by the digital preservation community to ensure documents and programs from the past can still be accessed in the future.

7 years 37 weeks ago
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