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dd_rescue is suitable for rescuing data from a medium with errors, i.e. a hard disk with some bad sectors.

8 years 3 weeks ago
Debian wiki

This is a list of packages for the Debian-Forensics project.

7 years 37 weeks ago
Debugging Tools for Windows

This is a free debugger for Windows.

7 years 40 weeks ago

DeepArc was developed by the National Library of France (BnF) with XQuark to transform relational database content into XML for archiving purposes. It is part of the International Internet Preservation Consortium (IIPC) tool suite for web archiving.

8 years 3 weeks ago
Defining What Digital Curators Do and What they Need to Know: The DigCCurr Project

JCDL2007: ACM IEEE Joint Conference on Digital Libraries Dates and Location: June 18-23, 2007: Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada Paper: Defining What Digital Curators Do and What they Need to Know: The DigCCurr Project Authors: Christopher (Cal) Lee, Helen R. Tibbo, and John C. Schaefer

8 years 2 weeks ago
Designing and Implementing Second Generation Digital Preservation Services: A Scalable Model for the Stanford Digital Repository

This paper describes the Stanford Digital Repository (SDR), a large scale, digital preservation system for scholarly materials. It examines the lessons learned through over five years of development and operational experience.

8 years 2 weeks ago
Developer Opportunity at the University of St Andrews
Applications Developer (Research Computing)
4 years 48 weeks ago
DigCCurr I

This three-year, collaborative project seeks to develop an openly accessible, graduate-level curricular framework, course modules, and experiential and enrichment components and exemplars necessary to prepare students to work in the 21st century environment of trusted digital and data repositories.

8 years 2 weeks ago
DigCCurr II 8 years 2 weeks ago
DigCCurr Professional Institute: Curation Practices for the Digital Object Lifecycle

The Institute consists of one five-day session in May 2011 and a two-day follow-up session and a day-long symposium in January 2012. Each day of the summer session will include lectures, discussion and hands-on "lab" components. A course pack and a private, online discussion space will be provided to supplement learning and application of the material. An opening reception dinner on Sunday, break time snacks and coffee, and a dinner on Thursday will also be included.

8 years 2 weeks ago
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