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Mediapedia is intended to enable the identification of various media types for assisting with collection planning, assessment, documentation, infrastructure and preservation planning for their content.

7 years 34 weeks ago
Electronic Archiving System (EASY)

EASY provides access to thousands of datasets in the collection of Data Archiving and Networked Services – DANS.

7 years 34 weeks ago

Foremost is a console program to recover files based on their headers, footers, and internal data structures. This process is commonly referred to as data carving. Foremost can work on image files, such as those generated by dd, Safeback, Encase, etc, or directly on a drive. The headers and footers can be specified by a configuration file or you can use command line switches to specify built-in file types. These built-in types look at the data structures of a given file format allowing for a more reliable and faster recovery.

7 years 34 weeks ago

NodeXL is a template for Excel 2007 that lets you enter a network edge list, click a button, and see the network graph, all in the Excel window.

7 years 34 weeks ago

UpLib is a personal digital library system that provides a long-term archival system with powerful search and a visually oriented retrieval mechanism, suitable for a wide variety of personal documents such as papers, photos, receipts, music, Web pages, books, clippings, and email.

7 years 34 weeks ago
DV Analyzer

DV Analyzer is a technical quality control and reporting tool that examines DV streams in order to report errors in the tape-to-file transfer process. DV Analyzer also reports on technical metadata and patterns within DV streams such as changes in DV time code, changes in recording date and time markers, first and last frame markers within individual recordings, and more.

7 years 34 weeks ago
SWORDAPP Facebook repository deposit application

One of the features of social networking sites that encourages their use is the ability for third parties to write applications that can be used from within them. So it seemed an obvious place to start an investigation into the potential of the social deposit. Hence the SWORDAPP Facebook Repository Deposit Tool was born.

7 years 34 weeks ago

DSNotify is a generic change detection framework for Linked Data sources that informs data-consuming actors about the various types of events (create, remove, move, update) that can occur in data sources. DSNotify is currently under development by the University of Vienna.

7 years 34 weeks ago
EasyDeposit – SWORD deposit tool creator

EasyDeposit is a toolkit for easily creating SWORD deposit web interfaces using PHP.

7 years 34 weeks ago
Digital Preservation Recorder

Digital Preservation Recorder (DPR) is free and open source software developed by the National Archives of Australia to aid in the long term preservation of digital records. DPR is a workflow tool which makes use of the format conversion services of the National Archives' Xena software. It creates and maintains a complete audit trail of preservation metadata during the processes of data quarantine, preservation and deposit into a digital archive.

7 years 34 weeks ago
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