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Regshot 7 years 25 weeks ago
UserAssist Parsing Tool

"The UserAssist utility displays a table of programs executed on a Windows machine, complete with running count and last execution date and time.

7 years 25 weeks ago
Java library implementing Pairtree

The PAIRTREE LIBRARY is a software library that supports the mapping between identifiers and filepaths according to the Pairtree Specification.

7 years 31 weeks ago
New version of the BagIt Python library

This is a new version of the BagIt Python library, as of 3 February 2011.

7 years 32 weeks ago
OpenWMS: Workflow Management System for Digital Objects

The OpenWMS is a platform-independent, open source, web-accessible system that can be used as a standalone application or integrated with other repository architectures by a wide range of organizations. It provides a complete metadata creation system for analog and digital materials, with services to ingest objects and metadata into a Fedora repository and to export these objects and metadata, individually and in bulk in METS/XML Wrapper.

7 years 32 weeks ago
Project Blacklight

Blacklight is a free and open source ruby-on-rails based discovery interface (a.k.a. “next-generation catalog”) especially optimized for heterogeneous collections.

7 years 32 weeks ago

djatoka is open source Java software that builds upon a rich set of APIs and libraries to provide a service framework for the dynamic dissemination of JPEG 2000 image files.

7 years 32 weeks ago
Pairtrees for Collection Storage


This document specifies Pairtree, a filesystem hierarchy for holding objects that are located within that hierarchy by mapping identifier strings to object directory (or folder) paths two characters at a time.

7 years 32 weeks ago
California Digital Library Information Gateway for Technologists

This page links to software, services, best practices, and standards for technologists working with digital libraries.

7 years 32 weeks ago
Fedora Commons Repository Software

Fedora Commons Repository Software provides open source technologies to manage, preserve, and link your digital content.

7 years 32 weeks ago
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