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My main current research interests lie in the field of curation theory, in particular as it concerns cultural heritage knowledge and public communication practices, including but not limited to digital curation; in particular, I am exploring the import of scholarly, curatorial and interpretive traditions drawn from the field of archaeology, museums and material culture studies on emerging perspectives to long-term digital curation, aiming to ensure future "epistemic adequacy" of knowledge artefacts such as primary cultural heritage data, epistemic objects and argumentation artefacts in the human sciences. For this, I draw inspiration from Peircean semeiotics and from cultural historical activity theory, as well as from related approaches to material culture, information and cultural agency from archaeology, cultural anthropology and information science.

I also work, with my colleagues in the Athens-based Digital Curation Unit, Athena Research Centre, in the Preparing DARIAH: The digital research infrastructure for the arts and humanities in Europe project, a major initiative in the field of cyber-scholarship in the European Union. My work in this field focusses mostly on establishing a theoretical framework, and in analysing and understanding information interaction by arts and humanities workers by means of qualititative methods, a necessary step in order to develop appropriate object and process models for the planned digital humanities infrastructure in DARIAH. Also, I've been a advisory board member of the Digicult Forum and Electronic Resource Preservation and Access Netowrk (ERPANET) EU digital heritage projects, serve regularly in the program committee of the Museums and the Web international conference, and was recently active in establishing the programme of the CIDOC 2008 conference in Athens, focussing on the theme of "Digital curation of cultural heritage".


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