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The J. Willard Marriott Library has a mandate to preserve its unique collections in whatever form they exist. When it comes to digital materials, this can be a challenge because they are inherently fragile and can be difficult to maintain in the present while making sure they stay readable and useful for future generations.

In response to these challenges, we are creating a Digital Preservation Program within the Library. The mission of the program is to preserve and sustain long-term accessibility to unique digital collections housed within the Library.

The first step towards the new program has been to create a digital preservation policy framework, which is intended to be the highest-level digital preservation document at the Library. The framework makes explicit the objectives and priorities of the program.

As the program evolves, we will update this page to reflect the continuing work we are doing in this area.

Contact the Library's Digital Preservation Archivist for more information. or 801.581.8594


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