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Christopher Felker

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Having worked at the US Department of Justice, for a federal Appeals Court, UC Berkeley Law School and UCLA I've been applying digital curation methods for nearly 10 years in electronic discovery, litigation. education and electronic clearinghouse settings (University of Michigan Civil Rights Litigation Clearinghouse, UCLA Civil Rights Project archives).

In my present work I am engaged in defining critical elements of preserving digital collections (particularly for historical complex class action litigation files), managing the digital forms so they can be integrated into searchable databases and systems (object storage + metadata repositories) that perform well and which make full use of social networks and archival content metadata, charting the selection criteria (gaps, redundancies) with court records housed at the National Archives and Records Administration NARA (resources and strategies mentioned in Guide to Research in Federal Judicial History, Federal Judicial Center 2010 and individual US state and international parallel resources) and collaborations (especially tight integration into international standards already implemented or planned).

A strong, clear focus of mine is to avoid the splintering of consistent efforts (for example curation activities taking place in state, federal and international courts, within university and college museums, special collections, archives and in specific disciplines). The focus on common, open source solutions provides cost effective and scalable solutions which also promote the greatest degree of interchange.


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