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Birgit Plietzsch


Research Computing Service, University of St Andrews

To provide innovative and advanced digital technologies and research computing services of nationally and internationally recognised quality and standards, which will facilitate research excellence at the University of St Andrews.

To support research processes and outcomes through the provision of high-quality, dependable technical solutions for the storage and publication of digital research data and other outputs throughout their life-cycle by:

  1. providing technical support and advice to research projects within the University of St Andrews;
  2. assisting with Research Data Management procedures;
  3. preserving digital data in the long term;
  4. supporting the academic principles of transparency of process and of distributed peer review through the adoption of an Open Development Method for the creation of software and research tools.

Operational Framework:
Activities of the service are determined by recognised national and international best practices related to the creation and handling of research data and by the use of accepted standards.

The Research Computing service interfaces with academic workflows that require transparency and openness and with emerging research funder requirements in regard to the publication of electronic research outcomes. This focus along with associated recognised best practices and recommendations require the service to comply,wherever possible, with a set of technical and procedural standards that form basic operational principles:

  1. For technical development work and data creation the use of Open Source software and Open
    Standards will be preferred over proprietary or closed software and standards.
  2. The emphasis of the service on Research Data Management (RDM) and on Digital Preservation (DP)
    mean that the service will comply or work towards complying with a number of procedural standards,
    • Open Archival Information System (OAIS, ISO 14721:2003),
    • Data Seal of Approval (DSA,
    • Trustworthy Repositories Audit and Certification (TRAC, ISO 16363:2012), and
    • Information Security Management System (IMIS, ISO 27001).

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