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Earl J Moniz

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The Basics
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Earl J
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About Me: 
  1. 1966, graduated from Baldwin High School on the island of Maui in the state of Hawaii;
  2. 1990, retired from US Army after 22 years of service in Special Forces/Operations;
  3. 1994, BA in Education with minors in Social Studies and Language Arts from Fayetteville State University;
  4. 1998, MLS from NC Central University with a minor in intra-state driving and late-night land navigation (wink);
  5. 2001 - present, back at Fort Bragg in the US Army Special Operations Command History Office as a defense department civilian.

Looking for an image to post, I think I've discovered the source of my desire to wear Hawaiian shirts... my GrandMa Ida! (Moniz).
She dressed me for the portrait, and I have been an unwitting slave of that fashion all these years.


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